Rhett is an actor and a Founding Artistic Director of The Outfit, a theatre company in New York City. Their original production of Jester’s Dead: a Top Gun Shakesparody was proclaimed, “critically acclaimed” by The New York Times. Rhett has appeared on stage with Portland Center Stage (Oregon), Shakespeare Theatre Company (Washington, DC), Shakespeare on the Sound (Connecticut), Second Thought Theatre (Dallas), and Epic Theatre Ensemble (New York), among others. Rhett appeared in the HBO series Boardwalk Empire; and has done several collaborations with Sunnyside Films – including the popular web series iChannel, and feature film The Last Day of August, called an “intelligent drama” by The New York Times. Rhett most recently played Casca in the forthcoming Julius Caesar adaptation Ambition's Debt (2017) . Rhett and his wife Nicole Brydson are the team behind Misfit Media, a creative digital agency with a focus on using open source tools to empower artists.



Henry IV Part 1 & 2

Shakespeare Theatre Company

"Rhett Henckel parlays a truly spectacular Scottish accent into a riveting and nuanced portrayal of a soldier celebrated for his bravery."

- Sophia Howes, DCMetroTheatreArts, April 16, 2014

"Rhett Henckel plays Thomas Mowbray, the cleverest among the rebels and the one who accurately predicts when things will go wrong...not just intelligence but a canny grasp of how the world actually works. Henckel displays his doubts with honesty and flair."

- Sophia Howes, DCMetroTheatreArts, April 19, 2014


Dying City

Second Thought Theatre

Melancholy Brilliance in Second Thought's Dying City

"Rhett Henckel as Peter/Craig [is] urgent, effusive and somber."

- Christopher Soden, Dallas GLBT Arts Examiner, June 29, 2011

"In scenes that shift forward and back in time, Henckel portrays both brothers. That sounds gimmicky, but Henckel makes the transitions subtle ... Director Trull and his actors handle Dying City with exquisite care. Heid and Henckel excel at the style of natural, unfussy acting that Second Thought has rediscovered in their three-show comeback season this year. They're back in a groove, this bunch. Can't wait to see what they do next."

- Elaine Liner, Dallas Observer, June 23, 2011

"Henckel’s challenge, a formidable one at that, is to play both brothers, who are very different men, as fully realized persons and not just caricatures. ... Henckel interprets the “dependable,” yet flawed brother as an outspoken, type A personality, but with touching vulnerability. Henckel’s Peter is a bundle of relationship-challenged boundless energy that wants to share too much. It’s a mini master class of multiple personality acting at its finest, and Henckel garners success in both his iterations." 

- Lance Lusk, D Magazine, June 20, 2011

"Henckel played the title role in Shakespeare Dallas’ Hamlet a decade ago but hasn’t been seen here since. It’s nice to have some fresh faces on stage, and the performers make good choices. Henckel, for instance, doesn’t use gimmicks to differentiate the brothers, but builds each character detail by detail."

- Lawson Taitte, Dallas Morning News, June 17, 2011


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AEA | SAG-AFTRA | Height: 6’2” | Weight: 185 | Hair & Eyes: Brown


Ambition's Debt - Supporting - Uwaki Films/Devin Haqq
The Last Day of August - Supporting - Sunnyside Films/Craig DiFolco
Boardwalk Empire - Co-Star - HBO/Ed Bianchi
The Thanksgiving Planner - Lead - Readers Digest Internet Promo/Craig DiFolco
iChannel - Guest Lead - Internet Series/Craig DiFolco
Broken - Lead - Independent Short/Toby Meuli
70’s Cops - Lead - Industrial Promo/Aaron Patterson


Astoria (workshop) - Hunt - Portland Center Stage/Chris Coleman
Henry IV pt. 1 & 2, in Rep - Douglas/Mowbray - The Shakespeare Theatre/Michael Kahn
Born With Teeth - Clarence & Bishop of Ely - Epic Theatre Ensemble/Ron Russell
Macbeth - Banquo - Epic Theatre Ensemble/Ron Russell
Dying City - Peter/Craig - 2nd Thought Theatre/Lee Trull
Othello - Cassio - Epic Theatre Ensemble/Ron Russell
Jester’s Dead (creator) - Goose - The Outfit (The Pit) /J. Waldman & T. Fisch
Othello - Montano - Shakespeare on the Sound/Joanna Settle
The Beard of Avon (reading) - Condel/Bacon - Passion Play Festival/Chip Brookes
The Pavillion (reading) - Peter - Horton Foote Festival/Craig Wright
Lady of Larkspur Lotion - The Writer - Tennessee Williams Festival/Andrew McGinn
Hamlet - Hamlet - Shakespeare Festival of Dallas/Raphael Parry
Royal Hunt of the Sun - Salinas - Red Bull Theatre/Joe Hardy
A Doll’s House - Krogstad - Infinite Theatre/Nick Potenzieri
Flies in the Snuffbox* - Smirnov** - Midtown Int’l Theatre Fest/Dustin Condren
*3 one-acts by Chekhov - **Outstanding Actor Nomination
Measure For Measure - Claudio - Old Globe/Paul Mullins
Restoration Comedy - Justin & Worthy u/s - Old Globe/John Rando
Two Gentlemen of Verona - Duke u/s & perf. - Old Globe/Matt August
Who’s Afraid …Woolf - Nick u/s - Old Globe/Rick Seer
Othello - Iago u/s & 1st Sen. - Old Globe/Jesse Berger
Titus Andronicus - Mutius - Old Globe/Darko Tresnjak
The Violet Hour - Denny u/s - Old Globe/Carolyn Cantor
The Constant Wife - Bernard u/s - Old Globe/Seret Scott
Much Ado About Nothing - Don Pedro - USD/Rick Seer
The 5th of July - Jed - USD/Liz Shipman
An Absolute Turkey - Pinchard - USD/Kirk Jackson
Richard III - Clarence - USD/Sabin Epstein
Earth & Sky - David - Second Thought Theatre/Mike Schrader
Burn This - Pale - Actors Theatre of San Antonio/Jerry Pilato
Speed-The-Plow - Fox - Actors Theatre of San Antonio/Jerry Pilato
Pounding Nails into the Floor with my Forehead - Various - Actors Theatre of San Antonio/Jerry Pilato
Towards Zero - Latimer - Dorset Theatre Festival/Cat Parker


MFA, Acting, The Old Globe at University of San Diego
BFA, Theater, Baylor University
Conservatory Training, Dorset Theatre Festival
Improv, Upright Citizens Brigade


Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, Singing & Songwriting, Dialects, Stage Combat & Choreography, Snowboarding, Sports