Dying City | Second Thought Theatre

Melancholy Brilliance in Second Thought’s Dying City: “Rhett Henckel as Peter/Craig [is] urgent, effusive and somber.” – Christopher Soden, Dallas GLBT Arts Examiner, June 29, 2011 “Director Trull and his actors handle Dying City with exquisite care. Heid and Henckel excel at the style of natural, unfussy acting that Second Thought has rediscovered in their … Read More

Henry IV Part 1 & 2 | Shakespeare Theatre Company

“Rhett Henckel parlays a truly spectacular Scottish accent into a riveting and nuanced portrayal of a soldier celebrated for his bravery.” – Sophia Howes, DCMetroTheatreArts, April 16, 2014   “Rhett Henckel plays Thomas Mowbray, the cleverest among the rebels and the one who accurately predicts when things will go wrong…not just intelligence but a canny grasp … Read More